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IKON TV Unit Wall Fitting
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kon TV Unit Wall Fitting

What’s included?

- 3 pre-installed hanging brackets are already fitted inside each Ikon unit.

- 1 x full length aluminium hanging track or 3 Fixing Plates

Screws and plugs are not included as there are so many wall types and different lengths of screws and or plugs appropriate to the wall conditions. You may need to seek advice from a professional, if unsure about this.

We advise bolts for walls and at least 2 adjacent to the internal cabinet latches.


Stud Wall Fitting

A stud finder can be bought separately (and it’s inexpensive) but will be needed to accurately located the batons to affix the bracket and unit to.

  1. Locate and mark the positions of the stud batons with a stud finder.
  2. Place the bracket against the wall to optimise the placement and number of fixings to the wall. Ideally the batons will have support at each end and several more equally spaced throughout the unit. The bracket needs to have a firm bond which is flush to the wall as the units will hang on the bracket.

The unit weight is 45kg and 35Kg for the smaller Ikon. When fitted the force is downward.

  1. Fixing to the wall may require 3 persons as 2 are need to hang the unit which has fixings slightly protruding from the back of the unit.
  2. Once all the fixings are latched on the 3rd person needs to tighten all the brackets to the wall. This pulls the unit in and flush to the wall. The bracket sits in a recess behind the unit and once fitted the unit is flush to the wall and the bracket is invisible.

Brick or Breeze Block Wall

The procedure is the same as above for fitting to this type of wall although you may wish to add a few more fixings points as you are not restricted by the placement of studs

Dot & Dab Wall

We would suggest you seek advice from a professional however we have had several customers fix the units to this type of wall.

Search for advice on “fitting kitchen cabinets to dot and dab walls”

This requires drilling through the plaster into the breeze block with substantial anchors & plugs etc.

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