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Leather Puddling Advice
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Leather Puddling / Comfort Wrinkles 

Leather puddling or comfort wrinkles are they are sometimes known are caused by many things but are quite normal in upholstered furniture that is designed to have a soft seat and back support.

Seat Cushion Construction

The standard seat cushion is constructed with an inner core of high density foam between layers of polyester fibre. Most back cushions are polyester fibre.  

Why Does Leather Stretch

All completely natural high quality leathers will stretch and form comfort creases as a result of being sat on. The effect is called puddling. Puddling occurs from the initial use period and generally does not continue beyond this, as the amount of stretch is directly related to the amount of compression. Factors that contribute to the amount of puddling are the size of the leather panel (large panels verses smaller segmented panels), the density of the foam, type of suspension (webbing/no sag springs) and the amount of weight placed on the seat. Puddling is not a fault with the leather; rather it is a good indication of quality manufacturing as large pieces of leather are used.

Why do Sofas Vary

Each hide / skin is different, its not uncommon to have different seats react differently as they are not from the same animal.  Some leathers have a heavy painted finish such as Genuine leather which doesn't stretch as much ( but may delaminate over time ) where as top grain natural leathers which are more soft and supple may stretch and contract as natural skin over time.

It is a fine balance of comfort, appearance, softness and durability.   

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